Network Design

  • Network Planning
  • Network Re-Design
  • In-Building Network Design
  • Propagation Model Tuning
  • Transmission Network Design
  • Network Dimensioning
  • New Site Design
  • Network Initial Tuning

Network Planning

There are numerous different traffic demand scenarios that change with respect to time and region. Therefore, procedures to fulfill the specific demand of an operator also change. To be able to turn these different types of demands into profit, it is very important to aim the desired goal with efficient usage of resources. Quala Networks supports customers in Iterative process of network planning in any level from forecasting till launch. Our standard procedure for planning process is perfectly customizable for customer needs and aims the best point of start for a mature network. Whether you need a transmission planning to expand the coverage of your network or a complete forecast and dimensioning solution, our experienced consultants and field engineers will ensure that your will start exactly from the point you planned.


Network Re-Design

Most of the mobile technologies are limited by allocated frequency spectrum and interference. As the usage increases, mobile operators face to capacity and quality problems. Since the frequencies are highly valuable and allocation is limited, redesigning of existing resources is a great alternative to handle these problems. Quala’s experts provide operators many redesign options depending on the requirements such as frequency refarming, frequency/code planning, spectrum clearance, etc. In the reference of many successful projects, Quala’s experts guarantee performance improvement within committed duration.

In-Building Network Design

As mobile technology evolved, higher data speeds became available. This resulted variety of data services to be used in mobile phones. Watching videos, live TV, instant messaging applications, social networking etc. More than 70% of data usage is in indoor places such as bussiness centers and shopping malls. Therefore indoors are considered as hotspots in terms of generating revenue for mobile operators. Quala offers its customers end to end In Building Solutions (IBS) projects in order to ensure superior data speed and high quality for their subscribers. By the help of its dedicated and highly skilled employees Quala provides: – Site acquisition – Design – Installation – Commissioning – Walk tests & reporting – EMR measurement & reporting


Propagation Model Tuning

Key to reach a mature network in short time and with less resources is good planning. One of the key parts of good planning is a good propagation model. Quala Networks accomplished several propagation model tuning projects for customers and has the complete know-how and tool combination required for any radio access technology. Starting from CW measurements until model verification, we focus on high quality in each step and aim to deliver the best results for our customers.


Transmission Network Design

Transmission network connects base stations to the overall network and is of vital importance for mobile networks. Quala offers transmission planning and optimisation services to its customers for their microwave networks in order to benefit from most reliable and most efficient network configuration. We are dedicated to maximize the performance of our customers’ networks with our extensive knowledge and expertise in transmission networks. We provide:
– Transmission Site Surveys
– Line of Sight Checks
– Ling budget calculations
– Link capacity planning
– Frequency planning
– Re-dimensioning of MW networks


Network Dimensioning

There is probably no mobile network with uniform traffic demand. This automatically brings the necessity of clever capacity planning. Equipped with the necessary tools and theoretical background, our team of experienced consultants and engineers is capable of delivering an efficient dimensioning solution to any type of network. We ensure a dimensioning plan that is customized for the particular topology and traffic distribution and will guarantee our customers requested grade of service.


New Site Design

Survey records have vital importance for site implementation stages. With its experienced survey engineers, Quala conducts site surveys for new and existing sites and prepares Technical Site Survey Report (TSSR) as requested within scheduled time. The service includes assessing required installation materials to guide CW and TI teams, preparing necessary drawings and technical details.


Network Initial Tuning

Road to a mature network can be knotty, especially if the start is in the wrong direction. Therefore, it is very important to benefit from correct simulations and assumptions based on years of experience. If those two factors can be mixed properly, big achievements are possible with small expenses. As Quala we assure our customers in initial tuning projects that they will start from the shortest path to reach a mature network.