Network Operation

  • Site Acceptance
  • OutSourcing / OutTasking
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance

Site Acceptance

Besides handling the CW and TI installation, implementation and commissioning activities, Quala site engineers are capable of the controlling services to handle approval and acceptance processes of the work performed on site in line with the Operators’ or Vendors’ expectations.

To achieve this target, Quala engineers perform periodical site visits to check quality of work on site on every stage of a full turn-key project as well as verifying at the end of site completion that the result is hundred percent in line witht the acceptance criterias of the customer. In case there are deficiencies on site, then the third parties are informed of the requires corrections for acceptance. Quala engineers take necessary actions to have all deficiencies are cleared at a reasonable time by relevant parties.


OutSourcing / OutTasking

We offer Operators and Vendors to turn their ‘cost centers’ into ‘profit centers’ and believe that the outsourcing/outtasking services of Quala is the key for this.

Quala shall support you from due diligence studies to contract management activities in your outsourcing process as a business partner and consultant, handling the transfer timelines as well.

Having experience in all aspects of telecommunication business and project management activities internationally, Quala would also be interested in handling long term outsourcing/outtasking contracts herself.


Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a fundamental service that all mobile operators are required to have. Quala’s maintenance teams provide operators predefined periodical software & hardware checks, functional equipment tests and maintenance. With this service, operators would;
– Reduce costs which are incurred by repairs and replacements
– Increase the life time of costly site equipments which leads to optimized usage and avoid age related failures
– Decrease off air time and increase continuity, thus stabilized customer satisfaction


Corrective Maintenance

Although the heatlh of the network is taken care of by preventive maintenance services, breakdowns do occur. At these times, it is important to have well equipped and experienced teams to react quickly and implement at least temporary solutions to keep the downtime at minimum levels.

Quala corrective maintenance services provide and manage a team setup for customers that shall rectify the system breakdowns and resolve network issues in the targeted SLA KPIs.