Network Performance

  • Benchmarking
  • Conventional Optimisation
  • Autonomous Hotspot Monitoring
  • Site Verification


Competition to provide the best QoS and QoE to customers is a continuous challenge for every mobile network operator. Knowing the exact position with respect to rivals is crucial to take correct decisions. Quala Networks is ready to support customers in this field by a wide range of latest technology measurement equipment and automatized post-processing solutions developed in house. We are capable of benchmarking to the highest level of detail and reporting in various formats customized according to customers’ needs.


Conventional Optimisation

There are various optimisation approaches that can be adopted from pre-launch to a mature network. No matter in which level and complexity your network is, Quala’s optimisation experts offer a deep know-how to reach customer satisfaction in shortest time. Our guaranteed KPI improvement policy leaves no question marks for customer and ensures highest level of cooperation to reach one common goal: “a better network.


Autonomous Hotspot Monitoring

Regardless of the size of the network, demand for OpEx is always an issue. Also QoS and QoE in specific locations can be very crucial for operators. In such scenarios, number of personnel and the speed of troubleshooting is inversely propotional. Quala’s autonomus hotspot monitoring solutions targets this problem and can decrease OpEx significantly.


Site Verification

In order to ensure that several parts of a system work in harmony, all individual parts must be working as expected. Mobile networks are not an exception. Always keeping this fact in mind, Quala is expert in placing site verification tests among the steps of any optimisation project properly and executing them.