Network Roll-Out

  • Site Acquisition
  • Site Construction
  • Site Implementation
  • Site Commissioning

Site Acquisition

Site acquisition is one of the key requirements of the roll-out process. As part of its services portfolio, Quala provides site acquisition services to mobile operators and vendors as well. Our team is specialized on the corresponding laws and regulations. Highly experienced site acquisition team synchronizes acquisition with project deadlines. We offer full range of acquisition services including;

• Site identification & evaluation of suitability
• Negotiations with property and land owners
• Negotiations with local authorities and municipalities for permissions
• Lease agreements


Site Construction

Quala specialises in delivering highly reliable structural and civil solutions for all locations and environments, considering design requirements and challenges that may occur at sites with different characteristics. To ensure longevity of sites, Quala engineers’ and field teams’ full understanding of minor to complex site changes and upgrades are essential in both Indoor and Outdoor projects.

Having a serious International experience in various projects especially in CIS region, Quala Site Construction Services offer Operators extensive structural and civil design and construction experience in communication systems, structures installed that have proven the test of time, ISO 9001:2008 accreditation and large in-house inventory of construction installation services for all items (towers, masts, poles, antenna mounting systems, equipment shelters, etc).


Site Implementation

Quala Implementation teams, with a wide experience of association in Telecom Installations, are specialized in all the activities needed to make a base station, core site elements or transmission sites operational. Broad variety of equipments which include GSM, CDMA and WCDMA base station equipment, MSC Switching equipment, Optical (SDH/PDH) equipment.


Site Commissioning

As well as the installation services, Quala also offers Commissioning services of all latest Telecom Equipments used in the industry with the support of highly trained & equipped Engineers and support Technicians. Commissioning services are offered for all types of BTS-2G, Node B – 3G, MW Hops, MUX, GSM/CDMA Antenna Systems, Installation & routing of RF Feeder Cables, IF Cables, TMA additions as well as completing site survey activities, traffic shifting for new technology network handovers, total dismantling activities of full site, BTS, Node B, TMA, Feeder etc.

Quala also provides site swap, cabinet expansion, TRX addition, link alignment, Re-Commissioning, BTS/Node B/ MW Card Additions and replacement services.